Extension of the exhibition Lasers| Light | Life until 31st May 2020
The exhibition Lasers | Light | Life at the ESO Supernova in Garching near Munich is extended on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the invention of the laser in 2020. | © Image: Alexander Gelin / Dennis Luck

Extension of the exhibition Lasers| Light | Life until 31st May 2020

8. November 2019 | by Veit Ziegelmaier

On 16th May 1960, the US physicist Theodore H. Maiman succeeded in generating coherent light for the first time. The laser was born 40 years after Albert Einstein laid the theoretical foundations for the stimulated emission of radiation. Much has happened since then. Lasers are not only used in basic research, but are now present in almost all areas of everyday life. In 2020 this invention of the century celebrates its 60th anniversary. A reason to join in the celebrations and to extend this exhibition on laser technology and research until 31st May 2020. So far, well over 40,000 visitors have visited this unique special show at the ESO Supernova on the Campus in Garching near Munich since January 2019 and interest has not diminished. Experience in an exciting circuit how lasers work, learn more about the development history and milestones of laser technology. Inform yourself about current and future fields of applications and dive into current research areas. What once began with science fiction has now become high-tech photonics. And of course you can also marvel at Maimans original laser, experiment with lasers yourself and elicit enchanting sounds from our man-high laser harp!

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