Guidelines for authors

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming an author on our site  Photonworld is a platform for information, interesting facts and science around the topic of light. Photonworld provides a fundamental relationship to the physics of light and its countless phenomena. From medicine, to art, to the natural sciences, all topics are addressed.
The site is aimed primarily at high school students, as well as all readers interested in the topic of light. We want to be informative, but also entertaining. We are oriented towards a generally understandable style of writing and information, in the sense of popular science communicating media.
You can submit topic suggestions to us, which will then be edited by us after review, but you can also submit manuscripts yourself. Please note the following guidelines if you intend to publish an article on photonworld.
Our articles usually consist of a headline, a summarizing short preamble and a main body. Everything should be written in advance in such a way that it can be understood by readers who are not experts in the topic addressed.
Please avoid using technical terms in this context. However, if you want to introduce them, you should explain them. It is also advisable to write in short sentences. Please do not nest connections unnecessarily with subordinate clauses.
As a rule, texts should not be longer than 3500 characters. This applies especially to articles that communicate information about a new research result. In larger reports or background reports, the articles may be longer. Here, the author should consult with the responsible photoworld editors in advance to avoid unnecessary adjustments to the article.
We welcome specific image material from the authors. Copyright and permission to publish the images must be clarified. If this is not possible, the editorial team will take care of the illustration in consultation with the author. For all text submissions, the photoworld editorial team reserves the right to coordinate articles with the authors and to make any necessary adjustments in consultation with the authors.
We are looking forward to your contribution and a trustful cooperation.

Your photonworld team